Stolp farm

In the authentic farmhouse you can see how farmers lived around 1900. The cowshed, the kitchen, the back house where the laundry was done and the living room with box beds were all in a small space, measured by today's standards. In the hay compartment is an old-fashioned incubator.

On the part, with an original mud threshing floor, the large lamb wagon is ready to take the lambs to the market in Den Burg or the lamb boat on the harbor of Oudeschild. Cheese and butter were also made.


In the courtyard you will find the “Tuunwoal”, which is so characteristic of Texel, the walls stacked from grass sods that serve as a separation between the meadows. Here you can see how such a Tuunwoal is built.


Furthermore, an old-fashioned "poo box" or toilet, a wooden house that stood at a distance from the house and an original wooden pump for the water supply in the stolp farm. 

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